for the
International Challenge Marathon
Team Challenge Relay

  1. This event is organised by Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club (‘Event Organiser’) and held under the auspices of the Malta Amateur Athletic Association (MAAA).
  2. Participation in the Malta International Challenge Marathon (‘Race’) and the 5th Team Challenge Relay (‘Relay) is open to all athletes who have gone through the registration process and effected payment accordingly
  3. Non registered athletes WILL NOT be allowed compete in any part of this event. A very serious view will be taken in the case of any persons partaking in the events without being duly registered.
  4. Registrations will be accepted online via the Race website – No registrations will be accepted after the 17th November 2019
  5. Athletes undertaking the FULL distance will be required to collect their race numbers and goody bags on a date, time and venue which will be communicated to all, closer to the date and will be required to present a copy of the emailed confirmation. Athletes may send their respective representatives with a copy of the applicants’ ID card or any other official document, and the race entry confirmation.
  6. Relay Teams can send their team captain to collect the race numbers and goody bag. Upon collecting the race numbers, team captains must produce all the three race entry confirmation emails and a copy of each team members’ ID card or any other official document.
  7. Race numbers will be issued to all athletes. Numbers are NOT to be transferred, destroyed or lost throughout the whole Challenge.
  8. Race numbers not properly pinned as explained, will lead to an automatic disqualification. This also applies to the individual / relayathletes who will have their one (1) number to be worn on the chest only.
  9. Athletes are reminded that a vest must be worn at all times during the races. Ladies wearing a running ‘bra’/crop top style are to secure their bib correctly ensuring that name, number and sponsor details are visible. Lacking this a warning will be given followed by possible disqualification.
  10. Bibs must always be fully visible and not folded to ensure number and sponsors are clearly visible at all times.
  11. Bibs must be kept safely each day, to be used for each stage. In the unlikely event that either one or both numbers are lost, destroyed or damaged, please contact the Race Director immediately so that a replacement Bib is provided. Collection must take place at least 2 hours prior to the start of the race.
  12. Athletes may not continue through to the next stage of the Challenge if they or a team mate has failed to complete the previous stage. Should this be the case the number has to be handed to the Race Director and the team removed from the race start. Any attempt to run the next stage / s will lead to an immediate disqualification and any other decisions that may be taken by the organisers.
  13. This three (3) stage MARATHON event has been accurately measured to the relative IAAF and AIMS regulations and is EXACTLY 42.195km, a FULL MARATHON DISTANCE.
  14. It is advisable that for safety reasons athletes are to keep to the left hand side of the road, one metre away from the kerb. Part of the race routes may not be completely closed for vehicular traffic. However marshals and members of the police force will be present throughout the duration of each stage to manage the traffic flow.
  15. Any protests must be made IN WRITING to any member of the ‘Jury of Appeal’ (refer to Item 26 below) before the end of each STAGE TIME LIMIT of the applicable stage.

  16. Call Room Timings – Stage 1 – 13:00hrs, Stage 2 – 14:00hrs, Stage 3 – 08:00hrs.
  17. Race Cut Off Times – Stage 1 – 2hours 30 minutes, Stage 2 – 1 hour, Stage 3 – 3 hours 30 minutes. Any athlete finishing outside of the stage time limited will be allowed to continue the race at the discretion of the Race Director and his finishing time will not be recorded in the final overall classification
  18. No athlete shall be allowed to be accompanied unless prior permission has been sought from the organisers (MAAA Rule 214). Exceptions will only be allowed for visually impaired or partially sighted athletes. In these instances, the mandatory length of rope / string / cord must be attached to both athletes hand / arm
  19. Bike riders will be kept well clear of the race since they might be a hazard to athletes, besides the possibility of irregularly pacing the same athletes. If this rule is disregarded, then disqualification of the athlete supported by a cyclist, will come into force.
  20. No person is permitted to join in a race, (MAAA Rule 214), whether to accompany the athletes for the whole of the distance or any part or stage of the race, unless they have been properly registered for the race and are eligible to run. Athletes must always first seek the permission of the Race Director and his decision will be final.
  21. Any athlete deemed to be in any way, assisted by someone else, will be immediately disqualified.

  22. The Race Director reserves the right to adjust and amend the value of the awards, prizes and trophies according to the final entry of athletes in the Challenge.
  23. Athletes will be allowed to take part in either the Full distance, or Relay Team Challenge.
  24. Any runner who will be allowed to enter the Race or the Relay after the final deadline may not be eligible for any awards.
  25. The Jury of Appeal consists of the Race Director, Assistant Race Director, Course Director and Finish Line Director.
  26. Any infringement of the above rules can lead to warnings, penalties or disqualifications.
  27. WAIVER: Whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure the safety of each athlete, it is the responsibility of the participating athletes to take care of their own safety whilst competing in any stage of the Malta International ChallengeMarathon and the Team Challenge Relay. Furthermore, participating athletes are reminded that upon submitting their entry form and effect their race entry fee, they will be accepting that they have read and clearly understood these regulations and the document entitled the “Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club Events Registration, Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement” which can be downloaded from the Club website

    Upon signing up for the Malta International Challenge Marathon and team challenge relay race entry form, I am confirming that I have read and understood the EVENTS REGISTRATION, RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT as issued by Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club. I also accept that the entry fee paid in advance with this entry form is NON REFUNDABLE & NON TRANSFERABLE (upgrades only) to another person or to another year. I accept that this is a worldwide condition due to the many commitments that will be made by the race organisers for the race facilities on my behalf. I accept that no communication relating to the above will be entertained. I understand also that should this form not be completed correctly and the race package fee paid for in full, my race entry will not be accepted. I agree that a dishonoured application payment will be charged an extra €25.00 per application.
  28. The Race Organisers are the sole interpreters of these regulations.

For further detail please refer to the Birkirkara St. Joseph Sports Club Events Registration, Release and Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement. The full document may be downloaded by clicking HERE

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